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Wow its been a long time since I posted an announcement on here. Be sure to join the Discord server to stay up to date on everything! The join link can be found on the left side of the website homepage towards the bottom (must be signed in) and in-game by using /Discord!

"It's that time again!" What does this mean? It means we're ready for another map!

When are we resetting the map? The map will be reset between 10PM (US Eastern) on April 30th and 1AM (US Eastern) on May 1st. It shouldn't take long to do, I'll be sure to post an update once it's done.

What's getting wiped?

  • The map
  • Alchemy bags
  • Ender chests
  • Inventories
  • Balances
  • UTShop Stock
  • Probably anything else not listed as being kept.

What's being kept?

  • Claim blocks
  • Ranks
  • Playtime

What if I bought World Anchor access? You will still have world anchor access after the reset. You'll just have to make some world anchors before you can use them.

How about my rank's rewards? If you have a donator rank, you will get the money from it returned. (Claim Blocks are being kept, so you'll already have those.) If you have a playtime rank, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why is the map being reset? I'd suggest reading the top of this message. Anyways, it's because we've had the current map since the beginning of the year and it's getting boring. We need something fresh.

What else should we expect with the reset? While there isn't a large update coming per se, I do plan to implement some performance patches for RedPower, IndustrialCraft, and EquivalentExchange. If you find bugs with any of these three mods (or anything really) after the map reset, please report it immediately either on the forums or in the #bug-reports channel on this Discord server.

Will the map be available for download? No promises, but I will try to make it available for download. Once/if it is available, I will share the link on the website and Discord

Some additional information not announced on the website yet:

UTCrates has been released! Users are rewarded with one random crate with every vote! There are 5 different crates, each with 5 possible rewards. Rewards range all the way from some coal to the Legend rank.

JustCall has returned! JustCall was previously a staff member on the server and has returned to help us out with development! 

UTShop has been upgraded! UTShop now features instant selling! Currently instant selling is capped to $2,500 per day to help keep inflation from going crazy. (With just 20 people using up their instant sell caps, that adds $50,000 to the economy in a single day!). UTShop also has a full list of commands available with the command /UTShop Help

Staff applications are open! We are currently looking for new staff! We hope to accept around 2-3 new staff members!

The world is growing! We have increased the map border from 10,000 in all directions from 0,0 to 16,000 in all directions from 0,0! That's over 10 times as much room! With this, we're also bringing oceans back! It turns out the issue we were having with them before was due to some buggy code in the random teleport command. The command has since been fixed and works perfectly!

World Anchors are available! Donator ranks Legend, Immortal, and Custom (UTv6 Version) all have access to World Anchors now! In addition to this, you can subscribe for access to 2, 4, or 8 World Anchors in the donation store! With this, you can place the anchors, pick them up, move them around, etc... World Anchors load an area of 3x3 chunks (48x48 blocks) at all times!

Be sure to submit your suggestions for the server either on the forums or on the Discord server in the #Suggestions channel! We look forward to hearing from you!

- TheKDub

UnknownTekkit v6

[Owner] thekdub A posted Dec 28, 17

When is UnknownTekkit v6 going to arrive?

We currently plan to release UnknownTekkit v6 on January 1st, 2018.

What's coming in UnknownTekkit v6?

  • New Playtime Ranks: [More information on each of these ranks will be announced at a later date.]
    • Default: Stranger
    • 2 Hours: Guest
    • 5 Hours: Regular
    • 10 Hours: Member
    • 20 Hours: Known
    • 35 Hours: Trusted
    • 50 Hours: Respected
    • 75 Hours: Apprentice
    • 100 Hours: Elite
    • 150 Hours: Expert
    • 250 Hours: Veteran
    • 500 Hours: Addicted
    • 1000 Hours: Mythic
  • New Donator Ranks: (Current donators will keep their current ranks. Upgrade options will be available.) [More information on each of these ranks will be made available in the donation store.]
    • $4.99 USD: Supporter
    • $9.99 USD: Knight
    • $19.99 USD: Wizard
    • $34.99 USD: King
    • $49.99 USD: Emperor
    • $74.99 USD: Legend
    • $149.99 USD: Immortal
    • $249.99 USD: Custom
  • UTShop2:
    • Commands: (Command arguments in round brackets are mandatory.) [Command arguments in square brackets are optional] | indicates that more than one option is available.
      • /Buy (ID[:Data] | Item Name) (Amount) - Purchase the specified amount of the specified item.
      • /Sell (Amount) - Sell the specified amount of the held item. (May exceed one stack of the item as long as you have enough in your inventory.)
      • /Stock (ID[:Data] | Item Name) - Check the global stock count of the specified item. (How much of it is available for purchase.)
      • /Selling (Page #) - Check what items you're selling, how many you're selling, and what they're worth.
      • /Price [ID[:Data] | Item Name] - Check the price of the item you're holding, or of the specified item.
      • /CancelSell (ID[:Data] | Item Name) (Amount) - Cancel selling the specified amount of the specified item. Note: This action will charge an "Unselling" fee.
      • /UTShop - View information on UTShop, as well as statistics about things such as the total number of items sold, status of the economy, etc...
  • New Map:
    • Taking place at Midnight US Eastern on December 31st.
    • Removal of "Ocean" biomes to allow for more efficient land usage. Note: River biomes still exist, and you can find large "lakes" throughout the map. It's not like we removed all the water from the world.
    • New spawn (Built by myself). This one is a much more open design than the current spawn.
    • Returning Member Kit: (Returning members will receive a bonus kit to give them a boost for starting off. This kit will be given automatically, and is one-time-use.)
      • 4 Solar Panels
      • 32 Iron Ingots, Copper Ingots, Tin Ingots, Redstone, and Coal
      • 8 Gold Ingots
      • 1 Diamond
      • 1 Glowstone
      • Iron Tools
      • Leather Armor
      • 32 Steak
    • What's being kept?:
      • Playtime
      • Ranks* (Donators will keep their ranks, as well as the rewards from their ranks. Non-donators will be reset to the default rank of Stranger. They will need to use /ar check a few times to get moved back up to the appropriate rank.)
      • Unused Claim Blocks (Be sure to use /abandonallclaims before the map resets so you don't lose any claimblocks!)
    • What's being reset?:
      • If it isn't on the above list, it's safe to assume it's going to be reset.
      • Inventories
      • Alchemy Bags
      • Ender Chests
      • Money
      • The map
      • Used claim blocks (Again, be sure to use /abandonallclaims before the map resets so you don't lose any claimblocks!)
    • New PVP and Mob Arenas (Yes, they'll be there this time.)
PetroGamer Really good update. Great to see the old /buy put back into action

Host Transfer

[Owner] thekdub A posted Oct 30, 17

The host transfer has completed and the server is back online.

[Immortal] TroopsWithinDV AWESOME! whos the new host provider?
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