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UnknownTekkit v5

[Owner] thekdub A posted Aug 13, 17

UnknownTekkit v5 is finally here! Here are some of the changes:

  • Crux (New custom plugin) has been added to the server! Features include, but are not limited to:
    • Right Click to Equip Armor
    • Non-Bugged Keep-Inventory (You don't lose your items if you disconnect while dead)
    • Vote Streaks
  • UTCredits Introduced! (Explanation Below)
  • ChestShops have been added! The Player Mall can be found at /Warp Mall. AdminShop coming soon!
  • UT-Shop has been removed!
  • Lottery has been added! ('/Lottery Buy' to purchase a ticket)
  • Philosopher's Stone Crafting Table has been fixed!
  • Optimized mods and patches!
  • New Map / Spawn. (Thanks to FallenKnight125 and other staff)
  • Discord Server split (Staff now have their own dedicated discord server)
  • Mob Arena Plugin added!
  • Staff Ranks updated!
    • Senior Administrator -> Head Administrator
    • Junior Administrator -> Administrator
    • Senior Moderator -> Moderator
    • Junior Moderator - Trial Moderator
  • Explosions Enabled! (Mostly. TNT, iTNT, Nukes, and Creepers all explode.)
  • Retrievulator Unbanned!
  • Shanther promoted from Trial Moderator to Moderator!
  • "No Spamming" (Finally) added to the rules!
  • Power Flower limits reduced by 25%.
  • Timer minimum increased to 2 seconds.
  • Temporary Bans now can have reasons attached.
  • Ban List has been purged! (Exceptions being users who have issued chargebacks against UnknownTekkit, those who have attempted to take down the server, and a few others)

What are UTCredits?

UTCredits are a new "Currency" added in UnknownTekkit v5 that are earned in-game through things such as voting, and can be used in the donation store.

How much are UTCredits worth?

It depends on what you're wanting to buy with them. For misc. donation items such as in-game money or claimblocks, 1 UTCredit is worth $0.02, or 50 UTCredits are worth $1.00. For ranks and rank upgrades, 1 UTCredit is worth $0.01, or 100 UTCredits are worth $1.00.

Why did we choose to do this?

Because we value ranks higher than we do things such as in-game money or claimblocks. If we made it easy to get high ranked donation ranks without spending anything, there'd be no reason for anyone to donate, which would bring the end of UnknownTekkit rather quickly as we rely on donations to pay for our expenses. (Server hosting, website plan, advertising, etc..)

We're planning on bringing more ways to earn UTCredits in the future, as well as more misc. items that you can purchase in the donation store. (Items possible, including some that cannot be found or made in-game.)

NOTE: You MUST register on Enjin, join the website, and add your Minecraft character to your Enjin account to receive UTCredits! If you do not do this, you will not be able to receive UTCredits!

How do vote streaks work?

Every day that you vote, your rewards are increased by 20% of the base amount. Base rewards are 1 Diamond, 4 Steak, $250, 75 Claim Blocks, and 2 UTCredits (Per Vote). There are additional rewards that are unlocked by holding a longer voting streaks. For voting two days in a row, you'll unlock Energy Condensers as a reward as well as receiving a 20% boost to other rewards. For voting 5 days in a row, you'd recieve 2x the rewards, so 2 Diamonds, 8 Steak, 1 Energy Condenser, $500, 150 Claim Blocks, and 4 UTCredits (Per Vote), and the increase continues on in the same pattern as your streak gets longer!

If you guys come up with any ideas for stuff to add to the server or improve on, feel free to suggest them here:

Let me know if you find any bugs in-game so I can fix them ASAP!



[Owner] thekdub A posted Aug 8, 17

Hey everyone, I have some news for all of you, though most of it you're not going to find here!

Recently we've opened our own subreddit! You can find it at

As some of you have noticed, the number "5" has come up quite often in the past week or two, this has been hinting at the upcoming version of UnknownTekkit. (UnknownTekkit Version 5) Information about this update can be found here:

Hope you all are enjoying the server!

Hey everyone, it's been a while!

Just recently we had a community survey and giveaway that was shared via the Discord server and in-game chat, here are the winners from the giveaway;

  • wdv_ - $100,000
  • Dublin2274 - Spider Rank
  • hatk12 - $1,000,000
  • NinjaWafer - Ender Dragon Rank

To those who won, your rewards have been delivered. For those who didn't win, better luck next time!

I appreciate all the responses given in the survey, I'll be compiling them and discussing them with the server administration to see what we can do to help improve UnknownTekkit! I'll be doing the same with the suggestions you all have been giving, if you come up with anything you think we could do to improve UnknownTekkit, go ahead and suggest it on the forums under the suggestions section, or here:

As for UnknownTekkit, we have some rather large plans in the works, though I'm not able to share any information about said plans quite yet. However, we do need something from you (the community), be active in-game, invite others, vote as often as you can (If you don't want the rewards, lava is always an option! We'll have the ability to enable/disable voting rewards coming within the next few weeks, along with plenty of other great things!), and be friendly/helpful.

There is one thing I can share with all of you that will be coming soon: Crux; Crux is an entirely custom plugin which will be replacing nearly all of the plugins which I had previously created, and will be adding a fair amount of features as well. The features coming include, but are not limited to: Toggleable voting rewards, voting streak rewards, ban management, more efficient placement/destruction/interaction/usage bans, as well as some backend stuff that won't directly affect users, such as diagnostic information logging, and statistic tracking.

The diagnostic information and statistics will help us to find issues and their sources, resolve them, and improve UnknownTekkit.

Be sure to join the UnknownTekkit Discord server to stay up-to-date with everything going on! The join link can be found in-game by using the /Discord command!

We hope you're enjoing the server!
~ UnknownTekkit Administration

Map Reset

[Owner] thekdub A posted May 3, 17

The map reset has been completed!

Here is the complete map reset changelog!

  • Map, Inventories, Alchemy Bags, UT-Shop Queues, Ender Chests, Money, ClaimBlocks, Computers, and Claims have been wiped!
  • Rule 10 updated! (50 Orbs or 40 PowerTower Layers -> 100 Orbs or 80 PowerTower Layers)
  • Rule 9 updated! (4 Seconds -> 1 Second)
  • Rule 17 & 18 updated! (10% -> 20%)
  • WR-CBE Addon Mod re-added; REP, Triangulator, and Wireless Tracker banned!
  • Brodomo promoted to Junior Administrator!
  • UT-Shop selling queue expanded to 1024 items of each type per person!
  • MCMMO with Tekkit Classic support added!
  • New spawn! (Courtesy of Brodomo and the rest of the staff team)
  • New voting site banner! (Coming shortly!)
  • New voting site description! (Coming shortly!)
  • Maximum player count increased! (250 -> 500)
  • Maximum view distance increased! (5 Chunks -> 6 Chunks)
  • Mob spawn rates increased!
  • Mob density increased!
  • New mob arena! (Coming shortly!)
  • New PVP arena! (Coming shortly!)
  • World size increased! (25,000x25,000 -> 30,000x30,000)
  • The entire donation store is 30% off for the entire month of May in celebration of this map reset!
  • More changes to come over the next few weeks!

You may now join the server and resume playing once more!

My Activity

[Owner] thekdub A posted Apr 29, 17

Hey everyone, I'm sure you all have noticed that I haven't been around the server much in the past few weeks, I've had a huge amount going on, so my time has been very limited. As much as I'd like to get back to the server, it's still going to be a little while until I have enough free time to do so.

As for the server, I know, there are issues piling up, none of which I have really been able to address very well yet. For now, I can offer a temporary solution for those issues while we work on a much more permanent solution, I'll speak more about that later.

So, when exactly will I be able to be active again? That's a good question, I'm not entirely sure, It'll be around four weeks at a minimum, though I might be able to sneak some time for the server in there. It should be no later than mid/late june, but other than that, I can't get too specific on it.

So, that temporary solution, it's one you're all familiar with, a map reset. I know, some of you don't want the map to reset, but it's going to have to happen at some point. So, what will be reset? What will be kept?

The following will be reset:

  • The Map
  • Inventories
  • Alchemy Bags
  • Inventories
  • UT-Shop Selling 'Queues'
  • Ender Chests
  • Money (Donators will receive the money for their ranks.)
  • Claimblocks (Claimblocks will be automatically re-distributed based on playtime. We reset these so people don't lose claimblocks by not unclaiming their land before the map resets. Donators will receive the claimblocks for their ranks.)

The following will be kept:

  • Ranks (We never reset ranks, resetting ranks would be an incredibly stupid move.)
  • Playtime (Same as what was said for ranks.)

When will the map reset take place? By 00:00 on May 3rd 5th (US Eastern Time). I'll aim to get it done sooner if possible. I'll post again with an update once it is complete.

Why is the map getting reset? Because the server has been facing some pretty significant lag issues due to the current map and its contents. We're working on a solution for these issues, however it'll be some time before the solution is ready, so for now, we have to go with a more temporary fix.

What other changes will there be with the map reset? There will be a few changes...

  • Rules:
    • Rule 10 will be expanded from 50 orbs or 40 powertower layers to 100 orbs or 80 powertower layers.
    • Rule 9 will be changed to one second instead of four seconds.
    • Rules 17 and 18 will change to 20% from 10%.
  • Banned Items/Disabled:
    • WR-CBE Addon Mod will be re-added, however there will still be a handful of items from it banned for the time being... 
      • REP
      • Triangulator
      • Wireless Tracker
  • Staff:
    • Brodomo has been promoted from Senior Moderator to Junior Administrator
  • Features:
    • UT-Shop Selling Queue will be extended to 1024 items from 256 items.
    • We might add a few things that you'll just have to wait and see...

What does the future of UnknownTekkit look like? Though it might seem like UnknownTekkit is on a downward trend right now, we're hoping to end that and shoot right back up to #1 over the next couple of months, so be patient as we work our way through the issues we currently face with some of the mods in Tekkit Classic. I'm not giving up on the server, nor are the staff, and we hope that you all follow suit.

Be sure to share your ideas and suggestions for the server on the forums, if you don't share them there, then we likely won't be able to address them!


[Immortal] GewoonRick30 #MapReset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Hype
[Dragon] wdv_ this map was a bit laggy here and there, hope it will be okay after the reset.
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