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UnknownTekkit v6

By [Owner] TheKDub A - Posted Dec 28, 17

When is UnknownTekkit v6 going to arrive?

We currently plan to release UnknownTekkit v6 on January 1st, 2018.

What's coming in UnknownTekkit v6?

  • New Playtime Ranks: [More information on each of these ranks will be announced at a later date.]
    • Default: Stranger
    • 2 Hours: Guest
    • 5 Hours: Regular
    • 10 Hours: Member
    • 20 Hours: Known
    • 35 Hours: Trusted
    • 50 Hours: Respected
    • 75 Hours: Apprentice
    • 100 Hours: Elite
    • 150 Hours: Expert
    • 250 Hours: Veteran
    • 500 Hours: Addicted
    • 1000 Hours: Mythic
  • New Donator Ranks: (Current donators will keep their current ranks. Upgrade options will be available.) [More information on each of these ranks will be made available in the donation store.]
    • $4.99 USD: Supporter
    • $9.99 USD: Knight
    • $19.99 USD: Wizard
    • $34.99 USD: King
    • $49.99 USD: Emperor
    • $74.99 USD: Legend
    • $149.99 USD: Immortal
    • $249.99 USD: Custom
  • UTShop2:
    • Commands: (Command arguments in round brackets are mandatory.) [Command arguments in square brackets are optional] | indicates that more than one option is available.
      • /Buy (ID[:Data] | Item Name) (Amount) - Purchase the specified amount of the specified item.
      • /Sell (Amount) - Sell the specified amount of the held item. (May exceed one stack of the item as long as you have enough in your inventory.)
      • /Stock (ID[:Data] | Item Name) - Check the global stock count of the specified item. (How much of it is available for purchase.)
      • /Selling (Page #) - Check what items you're selling, how many you're selling, and what they're worth.
      • /Price [ID[:Data] | Item Name] - Check the price of the item you're holding, or of the specified item.
      • /CancelSell (ID[:Data] | Item Name) (Amount) - Cancel selling the specified amount of the specified item. Note: This action will charge an "Unselling" fee.
      • /UTShop - View information on UTShop, as well as statistics about things such as the total number of items sold, status of the economy, etc...
  • New Map:
    • Taking place at Midnight US Eastern on December 31st.
    • Removal of "Ocean" biomes to allow for more efficient land usage. Note: River biomes still exist, and you can find large "lakes" throughout the map. It's not like we removed all the water from the world.
    • New spawn (Built by myself). This one is a much more open design than the current spawn.
    • Returning Member Kit: (Returning members will receive a bonus kit to give them a boost for starting off. This kit will be given automatically, and is one-time-use.)
      • 4 Solar Panels
      • 32 Iron Ingots, Copper Ingots, Tin Ingots, Redstone, and Coal
      • 8 Gold Ingots
      • 1 Diamond
      • 1 Glowstone
      • Iron Tools
      • Leather Armor
      • 32 Steak
    • What's being kept?:
      • Playtime
      • Ranks* (Donators will keep their ranks, as well as the rewards from their ranks. Non-donators will be reset to the default rank of Stranger. They will need to use /ar check a few times to get moved back up to the appropriate rank.)
      • Unused Claim Blocks (Be sure to use /abandonallclaims before the map resets so you don't lose any claimblocks!)
    • What's being reset?:
      • If it isn't on the above list, it's safe to assume it's going to be reset.
      • Inventories
      • Alchemy Bags
      • Ender Chests
      • Money
      • The map
      • Used claim blocks (Again, be sure to use /abandonallclaims before the map resets so you don't lose any claimblocks!)
    • New PVP and Mob Arenas (Yes, they'll be there this time.)
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