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Suggestion Contest Winners

By [Owner] TheKDub A - Posted Apr 15, 17

Voting for the best suggestion has ended, so now for the winners...

The Community Choice (Zombie Rank) reward goes!

Before I announce my choice for the best suggestion, I'll give my thoughts on each entry. - "Missions"
Tracking user actions for missions is a little bit of a pain in the ass, and the suggested missions are too bland for people to care for them. Not to mention that having missions where it's basically just "gather x amount of y" are fairly easy to blow through with a condenser... This one will not be implemented, at least not in the condition of the current suggestion for it. - "Build Challenge"
I doubted that many people would be interested in this, though I guess I was wrong on that one since it had the most votes by far. We can implement this one, however it'll need some tweaking on the reward side of things, we wouldn't want to give a prefix as that would cause some confusion with what rank they really are, though we could do a suffix instead. A $10 credit in wouldn't be that bad depending on the overall quality of the building, or maybe a 25% off coupon code that they could use in there. Warps are a bit ehh.. I try reserving them for server related informational areas, I may consider this then just wipe the existing warps out after map resets, that way they don't pile up too much. I highly doubt a VIP Zone for donators would actually be used, so that's out. And if it were to be used as spawn, it'd need to be pretty nice, and have room to fit all our information monitors. I'm not sure on who would be choosing the winner, I could do it, but it might not always fall right at the end of the month or beginning of the next due to conflicts in schedule. This is something we could easily implement. - "Vote Crates"
This is something I've considered adding to the server (opposed to our old buycrates), except I'd definitely want to change up the rewards a bit. The only problem with it is with 1.2.5, you can't change item names, or add item lore, so if I wanted to make a few different tiers of crates, then put money in there, or even a rank, it'd be a bit harder to do. (I'd likely have to just use chat for the possible rewards). I'm not sure if this will be implemented. - "Interactive Warps"
We've tried parkour in the past, not a ton of users ended up using it. If someone wanted to create a nice parkour area, or even a few, then we may use those. Casino is a bit iffy, mainly because of how easy it tends to be for others to come up and steal rewards. And a build area would pretty much require a separate world, which is not something we are going to add. The parkour may be implemented, but the rest, not so much. - "Vote Crates"
I guess I hadn't connected this and Fallen's second suggestion fully, Fallen's would be disqualified as it's such a similar idea, and it was posted later. Pretty much the same response as what I gave to Fallen's "Vote Crates" suggestion. - "Public Charging Station"
This is definitely something we could do, however we'd need to lock it down a bit so people can't set homes in the charging rooms, can't enderpearl in, and so they can't sneak in. I'd also put up a sign or two saying that by using the station you're putting yourself at risk of theft, since it'd be treated as unclaimed (it'd be claimed, but container trust set to public). This may find it's way onto the server with the next spawn. - "Buyable World Anchors"
Long story short, no. With my patch for World Anchors, I haven't fully decided on what I want to do with them yet, but I may allow one world anchor per user, and only allow it to load the chunk it resides in while the owner of the world anchor is online, or I might just block chunk loading with them for all users (with the exception of myself so I can use them in spawn like I do now). This will not likely find it's way into the server. - "Website Re-Design"
I appreciate the work you put into this William, however since there isn't another fully functioning free alternative to DonationCraft (MinecraftMarket doesn't have a 1.2.5 compatible plugin, and BuyCraft adds up rather quickly with the plan that we'd want on it.) It'd be easier to just stick with Enjin entirely. We don't have a good way of making the "Bans" page functional, and the integration with Minecraft that Enjin offers is pretty useful. Not to mention that ugly brown bar on the forums is still there... Unfortunately this will not be integrated. - "Block Limiter (TekkitRestrict)"
We already use TekkitRestrict, and it's block limiter function does not function, so that's out the window. I'm planning on creating a block limiter myself, I just have to work through the logistics of it. This will be implemented, just not in the way it was suggested. - "Website Theme Competition"
Not really feasible, for a user to make an Enjin theme, find a way of making it usable by us, and having all the different parts of the website covered in it would be a bit too difficult for someone without past experience with doing so, so to this, I say no. It will not be implemented. - "VoteParty"
Rewards are large enough as is, if people don't vote, it's usually either because they forgot, they don't want to support the server, or they're just lazy. This will not likely be implemented. (And if Vote Crates is implemented, this certainly would not be.) - "Banned/Disabled Items Suggestion"
Banned Items - Items that users may not create, use, hold, etc... Disabled Items - Items that users may create, place, hold, etc.. however they're essentially just cosmetic now. Restricted Items - Items that may be used only by a certain rank, or by certain ranks. - "Most Helpful Person"
No good way of implementing this, helpful users would be rewarded by knowing that they're helping the community, and they'd have a higher chance at getting staff if they applied as well. This will not be implemented.

The "My Choice" (Ender Dragon Rank) reward goes to!

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you all for your suggestions! Now be sure to keep suggesting your ideas as you get them, that way we can keep trying to improve the server!

And on a side note, since there was a fairly large amount of time and effort put into it, I will offer a third prize (Spider Rank), this prize will go to

FallenKnight125, TroopsWithinDV, and WilliamFarmery10, you have 48 hours to contact me to claim your prizes!

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