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Rewards for Suggestions!

By [Owner] TheKDub A - Posted Apr 2, 17

Submissions have officially ended, vote for the suggestion you think is best above this post!

UPDATE: Since people have been flooding the suggestions section with their ideas, you will need to add [Entry] to the beginning of your thread title (You can add it to existing posts by editing your post, the edit button is the pencil icon in the lower right corner of your post.)
You are limited to THREE entries! You may post more than three suggestions, but no more than three may have the [Entry] tag in the title.
Only post one suggestion per thread, don't put multiple in the same thread. Threads containing multiple different suggestions will be ignored.

Hey everyone! We've been in need of a little more flavor in the server lately, and I figured that since you all seem to be a little reluctant to share your ideas, I'll offer some rewards in return.

Suggestions can be for many different things, ranging from new plugins to add, or features to create, or something that we change that currently exists on the server, or anything you can think of that we could do to improve UnknownTekkit! However, do not copy the ideas of others! Doing so will result in disqualification of your entry!

Here's how this will work. You have until Midnight on Saturday, April 8th, to submit your suggestion(s) for what we should add or change to improve UnknownTekkit.
Post your suggestions here:
Use the format found here:

There will be up to two rewards given, one will be given by the suggestion most liked by the community, and one will be given by the suggestion most liked by myself. Be sure to put as much detail into these suggestions as you can for the best chance of winning. And be sure to cover all areas of it, don't leave a bunch of holes everywhere!

The rewards will be:
Community Choice: Zombie Rank ($25.00 USD) or Equivalent from
My Choice: Ender Dragon Rank ($50.00 USD) or Equivalent from

Rewards will be distributed on Saturday, April 15th. Community voting will be held between Sunday, April 9th, and Friday, April 14th.

I'll be digging through the suggestions posted over the next week making comments on them or digging for more information, so be sure to check back on them often!

Disclaimer: If no suggestions are found to be very good, a reward may not be given at all. So make sure you're submitting good suggestions! In the result of a tie for the Community vote, it will go to a coin flip to decide who will receive the reward. The loser(s) of the coin flip will receive the Spider Rank ($10.00) or Equivalent from Each user may win up to one prize. If two prizes are set to go to a single user, they will receive the greater of the two.

Good luck, and send in some good suggestions!

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