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Recent Updates!

By [Owner] TheKDub A - Posted Dec 12, 16

Hi all! Not much in terms of announcements for you this time around, however, I do have some things you might want to know!

- Christmas Exclusive ranks are available for the remainder of the month! These ranks are permanent, meaning that they don't disappear after this month!
    - Santa is the equivalent of Unknown in terms of rules and perks, and it also comes with some additional perks for being a holiday exclusive rank!
    - Snowman is the equivalent of EnderDragon in terms of upgrades, rules, and perks, and it also comes with additional perks for being a holiday exclusive rank!
    - Reindeer is the equivalent of Zombie in terms of upgrades, rules, and perks, and also comes with some additional perks for being a holiday exclusive rank!

- On the topic of ranks, we're currently having a sale in the donation store! Go check it out at! The sale ends January 1st!

- Progress on UTShop: I know you're all awaiting it's arrival, however I've been much busier than I had expected, and have been unable to get much work done on it. I'm hoping that I'll have some free time soon to complete it!

- One of our Senior Moderators (S_p_e_c_t_r_e) has created a PVP arena for the server, it should be up and running by the 15th of this month!
We're still in need of a mob arena, so if anyone is interested in building one, let us know!

- Entries for the Christmas Giveaway on the forums are still open! Go enter here before Christmas day!:

And finally, I'd like to thank all of you for the huge amount of support you've given the server this month and past months, we've managed to reach 98 players around 2:00PM US Eastern on December 11th, incredibly close to our current goal of 100 players, let's see if we can pass that over the next week!
Be sure to keep voting each day! All your votes have managed to keep us at #1 on TekkitServerList for 12 days in a row now! That's absolutely amazing, and is better than we've ever managed in the past! Keep up the amazing work everyone! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!
Be sure to follow the rules, have fun, and have a merry Christmas!

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