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Map Reset!

[Owner] thekdub A posted Jan 2, 19

The map will be resetting at 11:59PM US Eastern time on Wednesday, January 2nd. (4:59AM UTC on Thursday, January 3rd).

The only things that will be kept are ranks, playtime, claimblocks, and CloudChests.

A download of the map will be available after the map reset.

CloudChests were recently added to the server! You can access your personal CloudChest by using /CloudChest or /CC in-game! CloudChests will never be reset, meaning you can keep items through map resets with it! CloudChests are also tied to your UUID, so even if you change your username, you won't lose your CloudChest!

Known Bug: Mod items, such as Klein Stars, Energy Crystals, Quantum Armor, and more, will not have their EMC values or EU charge stored.

Important Info: Alchemy Bag contents are NOT stored within the bag item itself and are reset with the map. The same goes for Ender Chests and Transmutation Table(t)s.

Christmas Fun!

[Owner] thekdub A posted Dec 12, 18

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again!

From tomorrow, December 13, to Christmas Day, December 25, there will be a Christmas event on the server! Rewards for every day you join! The more days you join, the bigger the rewards! Be sure to join on Christmas for some extra special gifts!

Voting rewards are also 2x until the end of Christmas Day! (December 25th)

Players who join and vote on both websites for all 13 days will be entered to win the Legend rank! The winner will be announced on December 26!

Be sure to join our Discord server to stay up to date on the server! Click Here


[Owner] thekdub A posted Aug 31, 18

Many of you have been asking me the same question for at least the past month. You now get your answer.

So, when is the map reset? I told you to be patient. You're going to have to wait a little longer.

No, seriously, when is it? September 1, 2018, at 12:00AM US Eastern.

That soon? Yes.

What's being reset? The usual. The map, money, UTShop stock/limits, inventories, bags, etc...

What's being kept? Ranks, playtime, claimblocks, and maybe some others.

What's being changed? There are some changes coming to limited items. You'll be able to find those changes in the new spawn.

Who built the spawn? The new spawn was built by the wonderful FallenKnight125. (I helped a little).

Where should we direct any other questions? Join our discord by using /Discord in-game, or check the lower left side of this page after you log in and join the website!

[Knight] Visuals01 Wooo a reset today haha :d
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